Continental Airlines Customer Service

Continental Airlines has built a reputation on its customer service. Even before the recent merger with United Airlines, Continental made a name for itself in the 1970’s by offering innovative perks that consumers couldn’t find elsewhere. Since reemerging as United Continental Holdings, the company has teamed up with another leader in the airline industry to continue their legacy of great customer service.

Depending on your motive for getting in touch with United Continental, there are a number of platforms available for reaching customer service. Making a reservation is simple through their website, if you are trying to get a hold of a representative, your query is likely to be more complicated. They have options for more comprehensive customer service, also on the website. Firstly, there is the “Ask Alex” feature, which opens up a dialogue with an automated concierge system. The system lets you ask any question, and by analyzing keywords and consulting a database of frequently asked questions, it will provide you with a broad answer that may help. continental airlines customer service

For further online assistance, try the United Hub, a secondary page to At the United Hub, you will find more detailed information about the airline and its affiliates. The website is dedicated to answering any and all questions that a customer might have about reservations, air fare, promotional offers, and reward programs. There is even a blog section where users can post their own questions to be answered by representatives.

But if the Internet is not helping, calling by phone is another option for customer service. Continental has two toll-free numbers available, one for making reservations (1-800-523-3273)and another for getting into contact with the company (1-800-621-7467). The answering system is automated, which may be frustrating for many callers. But there are representatives available at most hours of the day, so patience is the key. If you have a specific question to be answered, it may help to check the contact page on, where the phone numbers for specific offices and departments are listed.

The type of customer service you require will determine the best way to find the assistance you need. United Continental does its best to make sure that every aspect of their services is clear, and provides the avenues for customers to find answers. Whether you need help with tickets, you left your sweater on the airplane, or you just want someone to plan vacation, United Continental offers everything from virtual assistance to travel agents. It is only a matter of looking in the right place.

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