Continental Airlines Jobs

Since its merger with United Airlines to form United Continental Holdings, Continental Airlines jobs has grown to become one of the biggest employment airlines in the world. With a staff of more than 80,000 people operating their fleet of Boeing 707’s and locations in over 380 cities, the international company employs people across the globe and all over the map. By joining this international company, you may be opening your future to broader opportunities.

Between pilots, engineers, flight coordinators, management personnel, and customer service, there are countless positions to fill in a number of different cities. For pilots, the most common source of training begins in the military, but is not a requirement. To become a pilot requires a commercial flying license and months of training. But other positions are less technical, such as airport operations, food services, or flight attendants. Flight attendants, for example, have looser requirements for employment than pilots. Beyond a high school diploma (or equivalent GED degree) and a bit of experience in the customer service field, anyone can become a registered flight attendant. You must be at least 21 years old and complete the required training program. After that, your workplace becomes an airplane in the sky, zipping between worldly destinations. Other fields of employment, though more often stationary and ground-based, can have application processes just as straightforward. Every employee is a valuable member of the United Continental team. continental airlines jobs

And to prove it, United Continental takes serious responsibility for the people it employs. With comprehensive health plans and 401(k) savings plans, they invest in the future of their workers. There are more diverse benefits as well. Along with standard perks of employment, working for the airline brings several unique rewards. Some of these include: travel passes at reduced rates for friends and family, a profit-sharing plan to incentivize hard work, and a perfect attendance reward program for employees who have consistently demonstrated their commitment. These benefits range in availability depending on the position worked, amount of time employed, and the quality of work. That being said, no matter the occupation, working for Continental can be a great opportunity.

This is proved by the recent awards that the company has received for the treatment of its workers. In 2013, United Continental Holdings received a top honor from the board at Equality Illinois for their respect and admirable treatment towards their workers. The company continues to improve employee welfare, overcoming the employee-relation gaffs of its distant past to improve its new image at home and internationally. Becoming part of the United Continental team can make a world of difference in your life.

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