Continental Airlines Promotions

Continental Airlines offers constant rewards to its most dedicated customers through a number of promotional deals and sales. By taking part in the “Mileage Plus” program that brought so much fanfare to United Airlines, Continental rewards its customers just for being customers. For every flight reservation or hotel booking made, the customer receives “Award Miles” that can be used to reduce the cost of almost any flight. Combine this reward program with the massive range of flight paths owned by United Continental Holdings, and customers can travel faster and farther, saving money all the while.

But the “Mileage Plus” program offers more than just free miles to be used for airfare. By becoming a member, customers can earn miles doing all sorts of things. Using one of the partner credit cards compatible with the program, you can begin to rack up miles by buying the things you normally buy. Because of the many retailers that are involved in the reward program, there are a handful of places that you can shop at to add “Award Miles” to your account. Something as simple as going to the grocery store could shave hundreds of dollars off your travel costs. And if you fly frequently, you may become eligible for the “Premier” level of the rewards program. With this status, you can skip lines and have higher priority for better seats aboard the aircraft. continental airlines promotions

The rewards don’t stop at travel. “Award Miles” can be used to purchase a wide variety of things. Jewelry, electronics, sports gear, and even office equipment can be purchased using miles that have been earned. You can even buy miles if there is something you would like to trade them in for but can’t yet afford.

And there are tons of promotional events catering to “Mileage Plus” members to further stack up the rewards. Presently, there is a promotion that allows customers to recommend an employee who performed outstanding customer service. If the employee you nominate wins, you have a chance to earn prize miles for yourself. Last October, there was a four-day event, called “Boost My Miles,” that offered reward-program members to receive up to an additional 60% bonus on “Award Miles” if they participated in the event and shared via social media. Deals like this are not uncommon, and any customer can join the mailing list for notifications on upcoming events. Clearly, it pays to stay updated on the deals that Continental offers.

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