Continental Airlines & Passenger Safety

Continental Airlines Passenger Safety

Continental Airlines is one of the top-rated airlines in the world, and since its merger with United Airlines there are few competitors that can rival the size of their global network or their history of excellence. Besides pricing, passenger comfort, and customer service, their safety record is another thing that maintains Continental’s sterling reputation. It was founded in 1934 and since then, there have only been 13 major accidents reported. That means that in almost 70 years and thousands of flights, less than one percent of all flights have ended in any sort of tragedy or injury.

Several features that prevent catastrophe and protect travelers are installed on every aircraft. Many are standard to all aircraft, including seat-belts, flotation devices, and emergency oxygen masks for when the cabin pressure changes rapidly. Customers are familiar with these features, as flight attendants regularly remind all passengers of their purpose and usage. But other features that are less well-known offer different types of protection and prevention, both on the aircraft and on the ground.

In the airport, Continental works with the Transport Security Administration to screen passengers for potential threats. This includes checking luggage and physical persons for any suspicious or potentially dangerous materials. This is something that every traveler is familiar with, but its importance cannot be under-emphasized. Especially for Continental with its regular international flights, it is important to prevent potentially dangerous passengers from entering the country and causing significant damage to civilians and passengers. They use high-tech equipment like x-ray machines, explosives trace detectors, and biometric analysis to analyze passengers and baggage.

Onboard the aircraft, Continental allows TSA to seat U.S. air marshals for the safety of all travelers. These highly-trained professionals are among the most specialized members of the military. The officers are selected for their top-ranking handgun accuracy and are trained in specific combat techniques for aircraft security, such as hand-to-hand combat and bomb defusing. It is very rare that these experts are ever called upon, but they hide in plain sight in civilian clothing among passengers on almost every flight that leaves the ground.

The safety of passengers is taken very seriously, and besides the services of the TSA, Continental provides peace-of-mind with a sterling track record and top-ranking equipment maintenance. The last reported incident was in 2008, and no one was fatally injured. As mentioned before, the number of accidents that have occurred are so minimal that when compared to the great accomplishments of this historic airline, it is as if there were none at all. United Continental is one of the global leaders in air-travel, and it would not have such a high reputation if not for its serious commitment to safety.


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