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united airlines

United Airlines is a pioneer in aviation history, tracing its history as service provider all the way back to Varley in 1926. William Boeing created his own airline and bought the air mail company in 1927. In 1929, Boeing merged with Pratt & Whitney to create the United Aircraft and Transport Corporation. Bearing that name, they continued through to make milestone after milestone in the field of air transport. The association with Boeing has long helped United, and its 2010 merger with Continental Airlines consolidated even more its position as the constant candidate for the world’s best airline. United Continental Holdings (formerly UAL Corporation) has Jeff Smisek as its CEO.As of 2012; United is the second in the world by the number of in-service aircraft, second in terms of passengers carried, and first in terms of destinations served.


Throughout its history, United has long been known as an industry leader, adopting new technologies and policies ahead of its competition. With respect to its preferential relationship with Boeing, it provides plenty of direct and indirect job opportunities. United now boasts the most fuel-efficient air fleet in existence. It continues to make great initiatives into becoming even more environmentally sensitive not just in the air but also with employees and properties. It was recognized as The World’s Most Admired Airline for 2012 by Fortune magazine. United has many activities under its Global Citizenship program, such as charities, community involvement, and diversity initiatives.  It also has a certain emphasis on employee welfare, offering a wide array of benefits and incentives. United airlines employs over 86,000 people world wide.


United serves more than 374 destinations in some 30 countries with a fleet of 1,242 aircraft. United has a large number of the newest top of the line Boeing 787 Dream chasers already in service.United have fairly complex class seating arrangements due to continuing upgrades to its air fleet: United Economy, United First, United Economy Plus, United Business First, and United Global First.Its loyalty rewards system is called the Mileage Plus program. It is quite flexible, earning rewards not just from travel on United and affiliated airlines, but also from interacting with hotels, car rentals, rail service, and ship cruises. In addition to the normal everyday rewards granted by using a credit card or associated shops, Mileage Plus points may also accrue from financial partners offering insurance, home, auto, and utility services. United Air Lines has a website with a distinctly dated aesthetic. However, this does mean that the most useful information is presented on the front page, with links to other fast-loading pages. Travel information is provided, but only little more than what is helpful for flying with the airline. Its online reservation features are quick and hassle-free. It is possible to book not just flights, but also hotel and car rentals in advance. It also has an expansive online travel store.

Despite its looks, United does offer mobile tools to help travelers on the go. Clicking on the How Using United.Com then the Features of Website link exposes even more the wealth of useful tools not offered by more glitzy sites.

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